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Project title Liberty, equality, relationship – youth health promotion program in Pécs and its outskirts
Project code NCTA-2013-0931-B
Thematic area Gender and equal opportunities
Name of the organization Drug Prevention Association
Postal address 7623 Pécs, Szendrey Júlia utca 6.
Phone 0036-20-550-1338
E-mail drogprev@gmail.com
Webpage http://www.drogprev.hu
Project manager Kiss Irina
Project timeframe August 1st, 2013 - April 30th, 2014
Amount of support 9,575 €

Liberty, equality, relationship – Youth health promotion program in Pécs and its outskirts

The aim of the project:
- to reduce the incidence of teen prostitution and the related negative phenomena (human trafficking, exploitation, use of psycho-active substances, other mental-health problems) present more and more intensely in Hungary (in our case in Pécs and its outskirts)
- to intensify the protective factors in the case of the target group - consisting of endangered youth.
The majority of street prostitutes in Pécs are young girls arriving from the different segregations of Baranya County, running away from deep poverty and despondency. Therefore in certain schools of Pécs and its outskirts it’s extremely important:
- to moderate the risk factors of the drift into prostitution in relation to the 13-18 year olds
- to create a peer support team functioning as a role model or concrete help.
- In the case of school mental health professionals it is also necessary to transmit relevant information.

Main activities:
1. synchronization of the Dutch short film entitled „Beware of loverboys – Online Geronseld” - to be used as a prevention tool during our trainings
2. family life basic training for 13-16 year olds (on the subject of healthy relationships, relationship violence, human trafficking for the purpose of sexual slavery, codependency and other addictions)
3. MOSAIC peer support training for 14-18 year olds (on communication skills, voluntary work, peer support activity, tolerance and otherness, bullying, addictions, media awareness, stress management, healthy relationships, sexuality, prostitution, human trafficking)
4. training of school mental health professionals (about prostitution and addictions)
5. community day (competition of students, exhibition and roundtable on subjects of relationship violence, human trafficking for the purpose of sexual slavery, prostitution, addictions, and a closing concert)

The basic method during the trainings is the interactivity used in order to represent and weaken risk factors and to strengthen life skills and protective factors.
Moreover the approach of every program -beside the trainings, the competition of students, the exhibition and the roundtable of the community day too- is to provide trustworthy information to change the misbeliefs and shape attitudes.

1. family life basic trainings: 155 participants from 8 schools
2. MOSAIC peer support training: 13 participants, 10 „graduates”
3. 15 participants from 3 schools in the trainings of school mental health professionals
4. community day with 100 participants
5. art exhibition on the phenomena of prostitution, healthy relationships, exclusion
6. Hungarian version of a short-film about the themes of media awareness/ risk of prostitution
7. flyer about the non-violent, assertive communication
8. brochures about the project to the decision-makers
9. several professional collaborations

1. moderation of risk factors of the drift into prostitution (particularly the negative peer influence and the archaic attitude concerning relationships)
2. amelioration of life skills (communication skills – assertive communication, stress management)
3. change of the misbeliefs
4. the knowledge of the school mental health professionals became up-to-date
5. creation of a peer support team functioning as a positive role model or/and concrete help


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