Műhelymunka és találkozó aktív, valamint leendő bevásárló közösségek számára.

How can an NGO work independently when it receives government funding? How can we activate and make responsible the members of a Roma settlement, if local helpers provide them with aid and donations on a regular basis? How can an educational initiative that holds afternoon workshops for children living in a Roma settlement  be sustainable if  all the teachers are paid employees? According to Bagázs, there is no way. The organisation that for the past five years has been working at the Bag Roma settlement located 39 kilometres from Budapest does not accept government funding, intends to initiate changes by activating the locals instead of being an intermediary for donations, and manages its development workshops for students with the help of volunteer secondary school and university students instead of paid educators. This way, instead of conserving vulnerability and a state of being under-privileged, they are working on bringing the people living in the Roma settlement and the members  of wider society truly closer to each other. However, both parties need to take important steps in order to achieve this. Because if we want to live in an inclusive society, we all – Romas and non-Romas, citizens and decision-makers – must take responsibility.

One-third of the children in Hungary live in unhealthy, damp, moldy homes. This is often because of doors and windows that are not insulated properly, but many families cannot afford to have them replaced. What can you do if you can’t afford to buy new windows, but you have had enough of having to heat the street? With the method of Ökoszolgálat, the draughty doors and windows of a home could be insulated for up to ten years, with a cost of only a few thousand Forints. Anyone can contribute to the initiative even with a little money, giving long-term support to underprivileged families. 

The Hungarian population ranks high in terms of alcohol consumption, and alcohol abuse very frequently results in alcoholism. Alcohol related conditions both physical and mental can be accurately diagnosed and treated, but timely prevention and education may have an even more important role in fighting the epidemic. In this country the addiction problems of handicapped people is a taboo subject, yet this demographic group is just as affected by addiction as any other.

New mums have celebrated the disposable diaper for decades, as it liberated them from the nightmare of having to wash poo-stained cloth ones. But nothing lasts forever. At the Hungarian Sustainability Summit, TETT Jövőnkért Association has won the Ozone Green award with its community building initiative that promotes cloth diapers, titled “Textilmami”. We asked Éva Janó, a staff member of the association about how 21st century mums can be convinced to start washing diapers again.

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  • Meg akarod mutatni, hogy min dolgoztok, és mi történik körülöttetek?
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