Results of the last call

Budapest, 27 February 2015 - The assessment of applications submitted for the third and last call of the NGO Fund has finished. With the award decision of the operator foundation's Approval Board the funds have been almost fully allocated.

The Selection Committees of the seven thematic area has made their decisions last week (from 16th to 24th of February) and the Operator has approved them. The representatives of the donor countries and the Hungarian government have participated in every meeting - the clarity of the selection has not been criticised on this occasion either.

146 civil projects were supported with more than 3,36 million EUR: 56 medium projects (the maximum grant amount was 50 000 EUR) and 90 micro projects (the maximum grant amount was 15 000 EUR) can be started in the following weeks:

Thematic area

Medium project pcs

Medium project, amount

Micro project


Micro project, amount

Democracy and human rights


323 174


135 486

Gender and equal opportunities


548 082


116 872

Community and organisational development


503 574


241 938

Youth and children issues


371 756


107 074

Environment and sustainable development


258 618


252 126

Provision of welfare and basic services


266 564


139 326

Empowerment of vulnerable groups, including the Roma


208 273


111 754


List of supported micro projects

List of supported medium projects

More than half of the supported organizations are not seated in the capital but even more activities will be implemented at rural regions. Four of the medium projects are implemented in partnerships with Norwegian or Icelandic partners.

Ökotárs Foundation, as the lead partner of the Operator consortium will contract all project promoters after negotiating and agreeing on the conditions of funding, the detailed workplans and budget during the coming two months. The newly awarded projects should be implemented in maximum 14 months, the project most be closed until the end of April, 2016. The medium projects are expected to achieve a snowballing impact beyond the applicant organisation, affecting a broader segment and/or other organizations of the civil sector. Thanks to this several hundreds of NGOs can be developed and strengthened beyod the awarded organizations similar to the earlier awarded macro and medium projects.

Since the beginning of 2013 the NGO Fund of the EEA/Norway Grants has supported 423 civil projects, 16 scholarships and study trips with approximately 11,5 million EUR (more than three and a half billion Forint). The funds being allocated new call for proposals will not be announced, the results of the "On the spot" youth study trips will be announced in the near future and the call for "action projects" are still open where a maximum amount of 5000 EUR/ projects can be applied for short campaigns and actions.

Besided monitoring the ongoing projects the operator foundations - Ökotárs, Autonomy, Demnet and Carpathian Foundation-Hungary - are organizing several events and programs within the NGO Fund. These programs aim to strengthen bilateral partnerships between the national and donor countries (workshops over the country, study trips to Norway for representatives of the supported organizations). The operators will also promote the diversity of the projects making them visible for a wider audience.To the latter a new blog will be started as well and at the end of June a festival will be organized as well. Further information will be published as usual, on this website.

More information: Kelemen-Varga Roland, (1)411-3500,